Did the shortcut to delete the foliage change?
Before we used to select the Shift key but now it doesn’t work.
Thanks to you

I’m having the same issue and cannot remove foliage. The only way I’ve found is to select an individual mesh and delete it but this is not practical when it comes to something like grass.

The reason this was not working correctly is that I was using a static mesh as foliage. In order for shift click to work for removing you must right click the static mesh asset after you add it to the foliage pallet and “Save As Foliage Type…”

Hi Bezow, I will test ! Thanks you have a nice day :wink:

This fixed the problem, thank you!

Hello, I can’t see the option “Save As Foliage Type…” when I right click the foliage asset thumbnail. I’m using Quixel assets, and in the content browser, it’s listed as “Static Mesh Foliage”. I can add it to the Foliage Palate and paint it onto the scene, but I can’t use erase. I can see a little grey disk icon in the corner of the thumbnail, but clicking it doesn’t seem to affect anything.

After you drag the static mesh into the foliage window you can then right click it.

Thanks, I realised eventually that I had already converted the assets to foliage assets and that’s why the little “save” icon was already greyed out. I managed to get what I wanted in the end after re-loading my scene.