Foliage Valley

Hey guys wanted to post up something i’ve been working on for a while to get some feedback.

Some issues and questions i’ve been looking to sort:

In the road image specifically does anyone have a tutorial or way in which i could blend 2/3 road textures in order to add variation and you progress?
In the stream image any way to improve the water to look murkier and dirtier?

On another note the main things im looking to sort are finish the church ruins, change the trees, fix the roads, adjust the colours and hopefully finish it off soon :slight_smile: any feedback would be great.
Umbra :slight_smile:




Looks good so far! Cant help you with blending those splines, however I think a way to do it would be to drag the end of each road under the landscape and use the landscape to blend them together.

Out of curiosity, did you make that tarmac section of the road? me like.

What this guy said, thats the way i’d do it. Or i’d just sculpt the terrain just above the road and smooth it down smartly to look more “natural”

Thanks guys :slight_smile: The tarmac section is just a texture that I’ve applied to a mesh that has the edges masked to look like the terrain blends into it, I’ve been sorting some substance designer tarmac out which may replace it at some point though. Will test out the landscape blending you guys suggested and get back to you.

Very good looking scene i advice you to look into vertex painting for the road as you can paint some varieties but you must have a good number of vertices to play with it

Thanks Amiot! I’ll have a look into vertex painting, the spline duplicates meshes along its route so I always thought that it would vertex paint per mesh and cause tiling issues.

Looks good, but I have one suggestion -> when you change the trees make sure that you use the foliage shading mode in the material and a skylight so that you dont have those very black shadows :slight_smile:

Oh man ! I completely forgot to set the tree’s material to foliage shading, thank you :smiley:

Added some world space colour variation to the grass :slight_smile:


Nice! When you add another type of grass to the field, it will look even better -> e.g something like that: ://imgc.allpostersimages/images/P-473-488-90/58/5866/BHTSG00Z/posters/tall-grass-in-field-california-usa.jpg :slight_smile:

  • still waiting for the material update for your trees :stuck_out_tongue: (a foliage shader setup)