Foliage type feedback

After finally using the procedural foliage generator for a few days I have some suggestions:

  1. Allow foliage types to parent to existing foliage types, like how material instances work. Allow options to be checked to override. This will save a TON of time editing, even compared to the bulk editor. Or…
  2. This is a big one: allow us to load in an array of meshes for a piece of foliage. It makes no sense that every tree in a cluster looks exactly the same. Make it a random selection. What works for painted foliage does not always work for procedural foliage.
  3. Let us define a different set of meshes for trees that have reached max age and died. This could be super cool.
  4. Stats. Give us somewhere to see how many of each entry in the foliage type array have been used. I just want to know at a glance if something is spawning in the right amount or not.