Foliage Trees' Impostor LODs not working after migrating from 4.26 to 5.1

Having a Landscape with prperly working Foliage (Trees) with LOD3-Impostors. After Migrating to UE5.1 strange impostor display/broken
I searched google as much as I could, but nothing found. Could You help me? Thank You VERY MUCH :slight_smile:

Hi TriAngles,

What type of Impostors are they? Can you share a shapshot of the mesh in the mesh editor with the material slots showing?

It looks suspiciously like something that can happen to my Billboard LODs if it looses the number of frames value… (rdLODtools)

Hello RecourseDesign, how nice from You, thank You very very much:

I just migrated from UE4.27 to U5.1 and I cannot figure out what the problem could be.
Kind regards.

I found to problem on try in a new level > Problem is: when Random Yaw is enabled!!
Now I need to figure out, how to update all foliage with Random Yaw disabled.
Do you know, how to do this for all foliage? Thanks in advance.

Don’t know if this is the cause → when I Reapply current settings on foliage (with disabled Random Yaw) … some foliage fixed, others not …

That’s an Octahedral Imposter, not a Billboard, but with the Reapply tool, you need to paint over the areas (with the foliage meshes selected and ticked) to do the reapply…

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Thank you RecourseDesign … I already tried reapply … However the uniform scale variants seem to wrongly work in my Impostor Material - so many thanks! If you have any tips, courses, youtube … on creating octahedral Impostor Materials for Foliage I appreciate … I googled my fingers bloody but … no success. Thanks!!!

Here’s a video that may help:

Also, I’ll have Impostor support in rdLODtools (on the marketplace) in the next couple months if you wanted to wait (much easier to make).

Before going any further , make sure nanite is disabled.
If it isnt, then impostors will never work.
If it is, then in theory you wouldnt even need impostors…

Also, you can find the real impostors directly from the person who actually made them, which just happens to be an epic employee.

Thank You very much :slight_smile:

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Hello Mates!!! I’m having the same problem and impostors are so important for my projects. Has anyone come uo with afix for this?