Foliage Tree Pack

This asset run in android?

Made this for pc,but I didnt test on android.

Hello, I purchased this, I need access to some of the textures so that I can recolor them (making some other color pines) I can’t get a decent export on the file.

Hello, it seems this hasn’t been used in a while. All of the billboards in your package are broken as of 5/5/19 in UE 4.22

My bad,I havnt check for a while,I will update soon.
At this moment,you can fix this by replacing the text in “ObjectForward” node in the billboard material with
return GetPrimitiveData(Parameters.PrimitiveId).LocalToWorld[0].xyz;

thanks buddy, will do!

Hi yangxx, Can you please explain why the shader complexity looks so much different from your screenshot? This cannot be used efficiently. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The screenshot you provide shows that the viewmode is on “shader complexity and quads”,which is different from “shader complexity” that I used when I took the screenshot,this view mode take triangle edge overdraw into account.
For efficiency,this asset is mostly crafted for high end consol and pc,but from my developer experience it should run on low end and mobile too,just try not to place it too dense,and all asset have lod set up, you can turn up lod to reduce overdraw,maybe turn off dynamic shadow too.I suggest always test on you target platform to see the performance.

Can i use this asset in version 4.24?

yes,you can,assets can be used across multiple engine version.