Foliage Tool - Selecting wrong instance

Hi, since 5.1, when I select a foliage instance, it selects the wrong one. Anyone can help?

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I think it’s broken in 5.1 :man_facepalming:

I can’t replicate this error, but I see a lot of complaints about it…

Yeah, surely is broken. I even get errors on Foliage actor, and Megascan Trees behave very strange when applying this actor to them…

Same thing is happening to me, this is very unfortunate especially since we have nanite foliage…

I can select them properly after disabling the Nanite Settings on the mesh. Seems to be an issue with nanite on foliage, which is expected since it’s a new thing.

Nanite disabled


ridiculous i’ll just place them manually or make a better procedural algorithm

I’m using 5.2 and I am also encountering the same issue. I’d post a picture, but it would be nearly identical to the one posted by @The_Cycle.