Foliage Tool Broken currently?

Hey guys,

I generally stick to figuring out the problems I encounter when modding either by myself or with help from friends who mod as well, as I’m a moderator & its my duty to help answer questions, not really post them haha.

But this one is new to me, I’ve done this same task successfully plenty of times before (at least 5 or 6 times), and I want to make sure its not an overall bug at the moment for everyone (its probably not since I haven’t seen anyone else post about this issue or something related, but just in case!).

The problem: When I paint in foliage on the map I’m helping with currently (Exodus), in a new submap (just for the foliage of that section), it refuses to show up when testing in PIE.

Photo example of how it looks in the raw Editor when not playing: Screenshot - 7dc751574c12b8579394167cc68ef974 - Gyazo

Photo example of how it looks when testing in PIE: Screenshot - 4e26a806a14d0301cc587c20c04b7130 - Gyazo

Note: Sorry for not having the photos linked to show in the post, Gyazo is being finicky atm.*

I’ve painted foliage at least 5 or 6 times before without any problems like this, so I’m rather confused atm as to why this would be happening other than the tool being broken currently.

Note: The new submap is NOT assigned to a streaming layer in world composition, just like the rest of the foliage on the map that shows up just fine currently. I used the foliage settings from the retail game, so nothing could be messed up with those from what I am aware.

I’ve been finding some really frustrating VERY WEIRD bugs recently (phantom particle effects being activated despite no reference ANYWHERE on a projectile for example & causing a whole rig crash, and upon remaking the projectile exactly the same, it disappeared & problem was resolved, viola no more phantom particle effect), and am beginning to wonder if this is another case of things being phantom saved/not saved correctly.

Anyways, thanks ahead of time for any insight into this. I highly doubt its anything I’m doing wrong/not doing, but just in case if it is, feel free to let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Sinari