Foliage tool and World Partition, unable to remove foliage

Painting with the foliage tool places actors in the streaming proxy within an Foliage instance Actor. For some reason i cannot delete any foliage with the foliage paint tool, also unable to delete the instance actor, Foliage tools do not work even if you delete any foliage instances from the paint tray. However i can independently select a foliage instance and delete it manually or with the delete in the foliage tray. Unable to select all, lasso, etc. only delete an instance selected from the viewport. New project, new level


I think you have to use the Foliage tool itself to ‘erase’ them with the erase brush. Keep in mind that when I did this, I had a foliage actor with no bounds warning that kept popping up for a while in my log when I ran PIE. Not sure why.

This fails since the foliage actors or no longer bound to the foliage tool itself, after place foliage they become an independent foliage instance actor breaking the link between the tool and foliage instance. as mentioned It is still possible to select a single instance and delete it.


Have exactly same problem, can’t remove or even select foliage with laso tool.

same problem

All foliage is placed in an instance actor that the foliage tool cannot access in order to use the tools. I have not been able to figure out how to get the foliage tools to edit individual proxies on the streaming level.

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I have the same problem with the difference that I actually have one foliage type that I can select, no idea why.

Think I found the issue. This happens only on meshes that have “nanite support” enable. Nanite is not recommended to use in foliage.

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I’m experiencing the same problem. With world partition enabled I am unable to erase foliage. It doesn’t even show that foliage instances were placed down. When selecting the individual meshes it shows the ‘delete’ option as faded out and unable to use.

It essentially makes using world partition useless in the Early Access; foliage is a pretty big part of most worlds.

Found the fix for foliage being unable to delete.
From another thread.
"In order for shift click to work for removing you must right click the static mesh asset after you add it to the foliage pallet and “Save As Foliage Type…”
Now it is treated like a regular foliage actor and you are able to do everything with it.


I will definitely have to give it a try

I’m running into the same issue on UE5 with World Partition and the foliage actors. I was able to delete them by selecting the foliage actors with the Lasso tool and then clicking the Remove button in the Foliage tool.

Simply create a Utility Wiget BP with a button. Then on click, GetAllActorsOfClass for InstancedFoliageActor and loop through them and destroy actor. You can do that in level blueprint as well.


Thank You! This solved it for me.