Foliage prim count UE4-27


I have two levels in a project that are basically duplicates of eachother. They have the same layout and assets in them. For some reason though one of the levels has more than 4 times the prim count of the other map (47k vs 12k), which causes a significant fps drop. The problem seems to be the foliage actor specifically. When I delete this actor in the bad level, the prim count drops by about 40k. When I do it in the good level, the prim count drops by about 9k. Does someone know why this is, and how to solve it?


It looks like your bottom snapshot is possibly rendering the meshes at a higher LOD than the top snapshot. Is it possible your scalability settings are different between the 2 somehow?

All the meshes have only 1 LOD level, so I dont think thats the issue.