Foliage Pop In - Turn it off

I have checked the details panel and the foliage tool. I am not seeing anywhere in which I can adjust the distance for pop in or turn it off completely.

When I first used the tool when the UE4 engine release this optimization was not a feature yet. Now that I am going back through maps all of this foliage is very clearly popping in and out of existence in front of the pawn.

Where and or how can I adjust the foliage pop in or out?

Thank You this was exactly what I was looking for!

Okay maybe this wasn’t, all this is saying is how to make the transition smoother between being displayed or not. The issue is the foliage tool is only displaying lets just say tall grass in a 30 foot circle around the pawn. Even though the grass goes on for miles and miles none of it is displayed except this 30 foot circle as he moves around the world.

Okay I would understand maybe you don’t want the grass displayed for as far as the eye can see. But where do I adjust that culling distance or disable that entirely. I have already tried:

  1. In the static mesh editor - lod settings - auto compute lod distance off

  2. In foliage editor - select the individual mesh - Instance settings - Cull Distances – No matter what the min or max it doesn’t seem to change it.

  3. The Foliage Default settings under the static mesh settings in the static mesh editor doesn’t seem to exist anymore as the unreal documentation would suggest.

Any other suggestions?

Try various values for ‘foliage.MinimumScreenSize’ at the console. There is an optimization the kills any foliage smaller than a certain screen size but it is adjustable. If you need to change it so it stays for every time you run the editor, make sure to add your value to consolevariables.ini.

i’d like to know that too

“foliage.MinimumScreenSize” 1 just turns it all off and 0 turns it all on. Doesn’t seem to be a variable for in between such as .5 or anything.
However “foliage.MinimumScreenSize 0” works now all foliage for as far as the eye can see if just on. Which is nice maybe not the best for optimization.

But definitely the answer I was looking for

Issue & Questions:

  1. If I make a ship build will it work like this in game as well or only in my editor? Is this just a band-aid or an actual fix to the issue is what I am getting at?

  2. How am I supposed to push this revision fix to all the other people on my team. We are not putting the physical UE4 Engine & Epic Games Launcher into our Version-ing Software, is there not a file I can edit or add to our build that will do this , so I can push the fix to everyone? I supposed I can manually do it for everyone just asking for future reference as well.

  3. Why could we just do this in the foilage tools, is it going to get added perhaps?

Thanks a Million

Screen sizes are going to be in the range of 1 to 0.0001 or smaller. You can enter your desired value into consolevariables.ini and check that I n and then everybody will have it. No current plans to add that option to the foliage tools since that setting is for all foliage not for a specific mesh. Maybe it should go into project settings?

But this will not fix the versioning issue.

If you create a game build and put your project directory on D: Drive. You have the Epic Launcher and Engine on C: Drive
Your versioning software only covers our project directory, I highly doubt anyone is versioning the engine directory, why would they.

The setting file you mention “consolevariables.ini” is not found in your project folder only in the engine folder. No simple way to version that?

Never really did answer question #1

It will work. Console variables will remember. You are correct that you cannot have different console variable settings for each project. Internally we usually do branch the engine per project.

Changing the screen size in the LOD settings, of the mesh, will help.

project settings, engine, rendering, culling: turn off occlusion culling.
this means it renders it all the time even when not seen. might not be best for performance in some cases