Foliage Plugin - Interact with Foliage (Trees, Rocks, etc)

What is the Foliage Plugin?

The foliage Plugin enables you to interact with Foliage Instances that are placed in your level, be it Trees, Rocks, Bushes, Vehicles, Buildings, doesn’t matter.
The Foliage Plugin can convert anything into whatever you want.




Reserved Post

FoliagePlugin 1.5 has been submitted, added UE 4.25 compability
Changelog: Foliage Plugin 1.5 - eelDev

Update 1.51 is live!

Foliage Plugin now supports Mac!
Changelogs: foliage plugin Archives - eelDev

The Plugin is now on a 20% sale!

The Plugin is now on a 30% sale!

Plugin is now on a 20% sale!

New video tutorial is now available!

Plugin has been updated for Unreal Engine 5.1