Foliage placed on transparent meshes with no collision

The foliage tool attempts to paint on transparent meshes, regardless of the “Allow translucent selection” setting, collision, or hiding the transparent mesh. I have some fog sheets intersecting meshes that I’m trying to scatter pebbles onto and the foliage cursor keeps drawing on top of the fog sheets instead of the ground geometry.

  1. Toggling “Allow translucent selection” has no effect
  2. Disabling any kind of collision on the fog sheets has no effect
  3. Hiding the fog sheet actors has no effect

The fog sheets I’m using a simple static meshes with a translucent material, they are not part of a blueprint.

Hi ,

I was able to successfully reproduce this and will attach this and my findings to a bug report for assessment. You may wish to add the fog sheets after placing foliage for now until a fix is provided. Thank you and have a great day!