Foliage not painting onto landscape

I have recently been starting to get more in tune with UE5, and have been experimenting with some raytracing elements. Upon trying to fix the current issue with raytracing foliage (weird wind patterns causing the foliage to become shiny/bright), I deleted my old foliage and now when I try to paint foliage, it will only place it on one small portion of my landscape. I have the foliage enabled, and when I use the paint tool it only places the foliage in that one little sliver. One thing that is noteworthy is that the border between two landscape pieces is an edge where the foliage seems to stop painting (this seems to be the only spot on the landscape that allows me to paint…) This leads me to think it may be something to do with my landscape, but im not sure what setting/options can cause an issue like this. Any help would be appreciated!