Foliage not affecting Nav Mesh in UE5 (Works in 4.26)

I’ve tested on both my current project and a fresh project, but creating a foliage type from a static mesh, setting it to block all, and editing the ‘Custom Navigable Geometry’ option to “Yes” or “Even if Not Collidable”, then placing it into the level results in foliage that does not affect the nav mesh at all. I’ve gone back and followed the exact same steps in 4.26, and the foliage does indeed block the nav mesh, however in UE5 it doesn’t.

Has anyone managed to get foliage to work with the nav mesh in UE5 yet?


Same issue, same approach. Same results. Also verified that the same asset cuts navmesh when placed as a static mesh actor.

This is happening for me too. Have you found a workaround or raised a bug report?

The bug report was raised and fixed :smile:

It’s not been released to any binary engine versions, and seems to only be on the ue5-main branch of the source code. I haven’t tested it out yet, I’m using the 5.0 branch and don’t know if it’s been merged into there or not


It is still a show-stopping issue for us in 5.1.0 . THe issue is marked as Fixed with a target version of 5.1, but it is not. Does anyone have an update on this?

This is still not fixed. The repro steps listed in the “fixed” bug report still repro the exact same issue. This is a show-stopper for us. See you in verion 7 maybe?