FOLIAGE mode | UI tweak suggestion

Hi there, UE dev team!
I have a suggestion on Foliage Mode to improve it’s usability, if you please.

First of all - inactive foliage assets thumbnails are a bit too dark what makes their visual reading uncomfortable.
Another thing is check boxes to select foliage types to work with. During the fast paced painting it is really
annoying to target thouse small checkboxes

My sugestions are:

  • make the default foliage thumbnails to appear with normal intensity.

  • remove checkboxes and use basic LMB click on a thumbnail to select foliage types you need

  • use selection frame to indicate which types are active.

  • Undo should work correctly, restoring previously selected types if selection was reset by accidetual click.

  • Rise the max possible size of the thumbnails a bit more, so we could make them bigger for easy reading.

IMHO, those changes could make foliage mode IU much more intuitive, simple and quicker to use.

Best regards!