Foliage mode needs a new layout.

The foliage mode was always very awkward in UDK, having the meshes take up that much space, not being able to re-arrange them at all and having to scroll around like that made for a very inconvenient experience.

I’m building a game with a huge world, full of plants and trees so our foliage mode mesh list is a nightmare to deal with.
I think it should work more like the content browser, simple icons with folders (and the ability to move stuff around), double clicking would bring up the settings in a panel similar to the static mesh editor.
Also being able to group meshes together. For example I have 6 different models of the same tree, I would love to be able to just select the name of the tree and get all of them selected for painting.

And of course we do need collision for foliage again, but that have already been reported before.

Thanks for listening! :slight_smile: