Foliage issue

So I dragging som,e static mesh to the foliage bar and it is still not letting me paint it into the landscape anyone having this issue as well?

-Make sure that you have selected the mesh in the foilage tool
-check your surface settings -> in the foilage tool you can enable/disable on which surface you can paint
-do you press Ctrl+Left Mouse button when you paint? :slight_smile:

I have the mesh checked in the foliage tool and it says not to press ctrl + left int he tutorial or i thought it did but I tried it both ways and its just not adding it to the landscape. want me to post a screen shot?

Yep, just post a screenshot + which engine version do you use? :slight_smile:

I tried it on 4.8 and 4.7.6

we dragged that onto the land and it works only on that but as you can see in the second picture it doesnt work on the landscape just the peice I drug onto the level

You will have to add something into your foilage tool -> just drag and drop a mesh from the content browser to the “+drop static mesh here” slot (left side of the viewport) :slight_smile:

Yeah we did that, dont knwo why i took them screen shots when i did hold on I will post the others

Ok, lets try this -> set the paint density to 2 + the radius to around 500. Now try it again -> Ctrl+Left Mouse Button :slight_smile:
Do you proably use level streaming?



its just not wanting to post to the landscape and we cant figure out why

Yeah we are using level streaming and I did as you said it is not working still

Ok, then make sure that you have selected the right map with the landscape that you want to paint on :slight_smile:

You could use blueprints and actual models and give them foilage behaviours with the blueprint wire programming technique.