Foliage in the material for static mesh (Feature request)

I created a material with layers of painting with automatic foliage with grasses, flowers and trees and it worked perfectly in the landscape but nothing happens when I put the material on the static mesh. I have also tried to put the static mesh at the level THAT I want to have foliage, I created a landscape and used the feature of placing landscape foliage to place on a static mesh and in the end I tried to merge the instances of the foliage with the static mesh but it got massive lag. I want to put foliage on a static mesh that is movable but I have found no way. HELP.

Landscape materials work differently from other materials. You will find it doesn’t work on a static mesh.

If you want to paint foliage on a mesh, you have to do it with the foliage tool ( with the static mesh checkbox enabled ).

I already did this but the static mesh belongs to a blueprint and is movable (It is an actor planet that simulates physics). It is not possible to attach foliage to a movable blueprint and to dip all the foliage with the static mesh making 1 is not efficient because it takes a long time to dive and creates a massive lag when the static mesh exists in the world.

I created this topic in the forum to discuss it, you can reply there if you have any ideas:

You have to find a different way of doing it. It’s not going to happen with landscape materials and the foliage tool. Because it basically isn’t a landscape.

Good idea.

I tried to use vertex painting to put automatic foliage using a color layer but it seems that the engine does not offer this functionality even if it were possible.

Oh wow. If it was a snake it would’ve bit me. Thanks!

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