Foliage hide at turn 180

I have a big world this one Dropbox - TestProject.7z - Simplify your life (this file don’t include the foliage but the complete world base size) my problem is at move when I spawn looking to 0 North then at turn my character and looks the trees at 180º the trees are gone… Any solution, why this happen ? Seens like only happen is some instances of the trees not in all of them…

This is important please I can’t continue with this kind of problems the whole game bumps and the trees don’t evne have collisions…

Tried to recompile the world, don’t work, tried to re enter the foliage painter and seems like still not working… Can’t give the foliage models or the pawn controls, cause I’m already giving part of the project I can’t give all…

Under a total of 200.000 entities of foliage in the whole world, about 5x5Km painted (not all but covered in zones) there is single isntance that is the tree without leafs that work good is 615 instances across the world.

The landscape is scaled 500x500x1000 to get a proper size

In editor play and packaged happe, but no at view from viewport.

Notes: I removed like 100.000 Instances of small objects, what I would really need, now looks like all works decently ? I need to paint the whole world and wasn’t painted even a 1/4 of it already, can this work better please ?

Max triangles to render foliage counts the whole world ? Cause can’t see other logic

The objects I removed are cull at 20000, so don’t see the point here at all, the problems start even before you enter into that distances ?

The problems start after 100.000-150.000 total instances

At disable cull, all works fine and the LODs keep working fine. So its not a LOD problem.

This looks like a LOD “level of detail” problem to me. But I am not sure how to fix this.

Foliage culling hides foliage by clusters. Probably this foliage is hidden cause it’s a part of the same cluster that lies beyond your culling limit.