Foliage grass fitting mesh shape


I want to put some grass in a little corner for my archviz project. Everything work fine except that the foliage get out of the mesh surface and are visible on the floor around the garden. I am wondering if there is a way to limit the foliage to the edge of the mesh. The foliage that I use are the one that we can fin in open world demo.

P.S. I have a picture of this, but It occurred an error when I try to attach it… I will try it later.

Thank you in advance!

Alex from Entrestudio.

If you reduce the radius of the paint tool to the minimum can you accurately paint grass now?

If it’s a small area, you could manually delete or move the instances that are overlapping the floor back to the lawn area. If the area is too large, one possible approach is to create a second grass region with retracted shape to compensate for the overlapping grass. Then use it just to scatter the grass instances and hide it in-game.

Heartlessphil : yes and no, the problem is the foliage that I am using is about 30cm x 30cm and even the smaller paint tool past it with random orientation and generate some overlapping.

rabellogp: When you say “retracted shape” you mean to put down the mesh in a lower position (Z axe) to hide grass blades under the adjacent volume? This is the way I did it with the “manually delete and move” in some specific corners.

Thanks you both for your answer!

I usually reduce the max size of the grass mesh (sometimes half the size) in the foliage tool and also use heartlessphil’s suggestion, as well as zoom right into the area in question - this seems to affect accuracy.

Unlikely you will notice smaller mesh in such a limited area, and in any case you could probably make the argument that grass often has limited growth when shadowed/close to a non organic object.

You could also do a world-aligned texture projection to mask off only the sections of the area you want to paint on, so that even though the mesh might go off on to the other parts of the area they’ll be masked off and invisible.
Shouldn’t be too hard to put together with some fancy material magic.