Foliage Environment

Hello all!

this is* not** representative of the current look of the game*

I work at Dovetail Games on our new IP, Dovetail Fishing.

I pretty much exclusively create vegetation at the moment, so 4.7 has been very useful, and I’ve been doing some tests (WIP) with assets created for the game, and got the okay to share these with the community.

I can’t stress enough these are not in game shots, and don’t represent the current look of the game!

Looks really good!!

How many fps do you get in this scene? :slight_smile:

Hi fighter,

Tops off at a cooool 15fps with epic settings on a 750ti! (I’ve deliberately turned off lods and culling).

When i reintroduce lods and culling, reduce the cascade shadow distance to something sensible and reluctantly turn off dfao/dfgi, it’s 30+ again, but we lose that lush contrast the dfao provides D:

Have you turned off foliage shadows here? I think the fog is too much for a clear day.

Looks very good though and reminds me of Westfall (wow). :slight_smile:

Nice! Seems very ‘painterly’ I like it. Keep up the good work!

Love the grass from the first screenshots.

Errvald, in all honesty I can’t remember about the shadows. I wasn’t following any reference for the ToD but I’ll be sure to make some observations before i go with anything final.

Cheers for the feedback guys.

Stunning work.

Environment completed for Dovetail Games Fishing. Based on a famous (among anglers) fishing venue in Oxford.

wanna fish! :slight_smile:

So… ummm… do you have to fend off your favorite fishing spot from wild boars or anything? :wink:

looks great!

Haha! That would be neat, Kridian. For now it’s just about the fishing!

this is some kickass stuff :slight_smile: cant wait to see sonic or mario running around it

great work :slight_smile:

Looks awesome man! You have some pretty rad compositions on some of those screenshots! :slight_smile:
Do the leaf trees have separate leaf meshes or are they atlases with a bunch of leaves? Because the depth on each tree looks pretty good I must say! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses guys.

@eirik.m: Yes they’re a bunch of leaves (and branch) on a single texture. It’s useful to pack large amounts of leaves onto a single plane, balanced with some negative space, depending on the type of tree, time of year, etc.

DFAO also adds oodles of volume and is much more efficient than when we first experimented with it!

about to have lots more eye candy soon!

Wow! That’s amazing and inspiring!!