Foliage "disconnects" from the Landscape?

There’s a quite popular bug, when painted Foliage objects (trees, ferns) doesn’t follow the Landscape, when editing it.
Is there any way of fixing this? Why there’s no option in “Foliage Instance” actor, so you can “lock” the Landscape object, that it should be connected with?

I saw some “press End button” solution, but it doesn’t work - the Instance Actor just goes underground, below the Landscape.

Sounds more like your landscape collision is broken.
try to rebuild geometry.
Or sculpt that particular area of the landscape with a hit of a soft smoothen brush to cause a geometry update.

Generally speaking, trees are set up to have the mesh be visible well below the collision they provide. Some even include roots. To prevent issues like this from occurring.

Thanks for the response.
Here’s a short video clip:…oliage_bug.mp4

I tried:

  1. Rebuilding geometry
  2. Moving all foliage to the same level, as the Landscape
  3. Enabled Landscape “edit layers”

Nothing worked yet. It is the same single landscape, and a single foliage instance here.
For example - if i placed a “Single” tree foliage - it’s not connected to the landscape, cause it’s manually placed, right? But if i’m drawning foliage with brushes - it should be connected to the landscape collision.
Maybe it’s possible to find that property somehow?

Also - we’ve been modifying Landscape materials/layers while working. Can this cause these issues? It seems that the “old” painted Foliage “disconnected”. Everything that was painted shortly before is “connected”.

No, its just more likely that the instances aren’t “valid” so they don’t know where the landscape actually sits.

Used to be there was an option to select all invalid foliage in the brush tools.
Find and use that. Surely those instances will be selected.

Thats the bit you read where you have to drag up and then hit home or end to fix it.

if the actor goes underground its because you didn’t drag it up above the landscape enough for it to find collision and link itself.
And/or for whatever reason the collision in that spot of the landscape isn’t registering correctly. The player would be falling though as well in that case though.
It can happen, but its rare.

Ok thanks, i kinda got it.
The problem - if you are “sculping” landscape a lot (changing height by a lot, by a single mouse-click) - the foliage disconnects from it.
Yes, it’s possible to “select” foliage objects (invalid or not), and press “End” to drop them down. Still - they are not always connecting to it.