Foliage disapears

When I packaged the project the foliage vanishes when playing. I followed a tutorial which allows some filage to move around but it works perfectly when I play it in the engine so I do not think that is the problem but when I package it the foliage disapears and re appears depending on where the player is standing

This is at the far reaches of my unreal knowledge but I’ll try helping anyway haha Few questions though, is the a deployment package or development? Is it for mobile or console/ PC? Can you get that issue in the engine somewhere even a little? Are these 2D assets? Also what tutorial did you follow? Any errors in the output log of the package?

to use standalone game all you need to do is: in your project click the down arrow next to the play button, then select standalone game, and finally press play as you normally would to play in editor. you may or may not need to click the play button (if its the first time you shouldnt need to)

Thank you! and It is under development, and Pc and it is the while foliage but I have loads and they are under difference components and no it is 3D assets and no errors only animation ones but they work find in the packaged version. Physics interactable foliage - Part 1 Initial basic setup - YouTube up to part 7

The foliage that do not interact are fine it is only the ones that move, this is the bp for it and I also have four foliage that interactive too.

One more thing, is it possible to screen record a video of the issue? And have you tried playing it in stand alone mode? Does it work or do you have the same issue? If it doesn’t work in stand alone then there is probably some engine code you aren’t packaging in your build that it requires.

I will do that now :). How to I do a stand alone mode? and I think the issue is the blueprint because I just deleted it and the foliage was fine just not interactive. The first bit is what it should look like the second one is what happens when I package it.

Thank you, I tried that and it still did the same thing

Again, not my area of expertise so this is just a stab in the dark BUT in your project settings under packaging…what are your settings? Especially “editor content” is that checked?

Hmm, not sure how to help. If i think of anything I will let you know…hopefully some of the graphics people may have some ideas

Hi Nebula games, I have finished with the project and wanted to say thank you for the help as you helped me with all of the blueprints! :slight_smile:

Wow that’s awesome! Sorry I couldn’t help with this issue above haha will you be making this available to play somewhere? I would love to see the finished product.