Foliage collision not working

Hello! I am still new to UE4, please correct me I said anything wrong or weird.

I am currently working on a cinematic project using UE4, and I want to make the character collide with some plants (from Quixel Megascans) as he is walking through a forest in one of the scenes, but it did not work even after following some tutorials out there.

These are the links :

I could not find other useful guides, so I went with the tutorials above which are meant for game development. Since my project is cinematic, I am not sure if the tutorials above can be applied to my project. At least, I did try to follow step by step, but the collision still didn’t happen. Is it because a cinematic does not have a pawn (player)?

Just to explain a little further, the character animation was done in Maya and exported as FBX, then imported inside UE4. The FBX contains a simple walk cycle motion, and there are some foliage in his way. Below is a screenshot of my viewport (some foliage already hidden).


Do you guys have any advice, or links to other tutorials that might be helpful?

Thanks in advance!

if you see the effect work in play mode (simulation mode?) it’ll show up in render

Nope, it does not work in play mode at all.

This is a quick preview I made :

These are my nodes set-up, following or partially following the tutorials above :

Plant Material Set-up

Character Blueprint (I suspect something went wrong here)

Does anyone have any idea what went wrong?

can’t help there, Im newish to blueprints
I would have just bought something off the store and try to use that

Ah alright, I will try looking around for those. Thanks anyway!