Foliage brush size in 4.25

Have a problem that in 4.25 my foliage brush remains at the same size and cant increase or decrease in diameter. I have re-installed 4.25 to see if perhaps a component was missing but no luck. Someone told me it was working fine, so have to take their word for it. Have filled in a bug report as there’s obviously something affecting my system.

Has anyone else experienced this or perhaps its just me!

Feeling very stupid, in my eagerness I obviously didn’t read the documentation correctly as the brush size is controlled in the new tab.

Hii i have the same problem. Could u tell me wich documentation ? I only found the documentation for 4.23 pleasee.

There should be a tool bar on top of the main view port. The size control is there. Third icon in the main tool bar called ‘Modes’ will open it. A new tool bar will appear just below that. On the left side you’ll still add your foliage meshes but the size control and other stuff is now below the main toolbar.