Foliage auto spawn in copy meshes

If you paint foliage in a landscape and big meshes placed over the landscape all is fine and you can notice trees over the meshes etc. If you save the map go to normal mesh mode select one of these meshes where is foliage placed over it and copy it then the copy have auto foliage in the top that at move the mesh always spawn in random ways, even if you move to other point in the map without foliage the foliage keeps there.

I mean the point is copy the mesh without foliage ?

Hey Hevedy,

This is intended behavior. There was a bug a while back where this would not occur, but it has since been resolved and what you are currently seeing in 4.14 and 4.15 is the intended behavior. Copying a mesh with foliage on it should also copy the foliage along with it.

Have a great day

To remove the foliage then I have to paint over it another time ?

Yeah you can Shift+Paint to remove foliage.

But why?

Let’s say I’m doing some level design, I placed a rock then painted some foliage on it, now I want to place more copies of that rock so I duplicate it then move the duplicate around, thing is the foliage got duplicated as well and is now sitting there hidden behind the old one

I realized I had duplicate plants stacked on top of each other in my level, then eventually figured out that it happens when I duplicate my meshes, this would make sense if the duplicated foliage would follow the duplicated mesh around as I moved it, but it’s still stuck to the original mesh, so now I have to work around that, deleting the extra foliage or grabbing the asset from the content browser instead of just pressing ctrl+w, wasting a ton of time

Is there at least a way to turn this feature off?

Edit: for now what I’m doing is duplicating then copying the duplicate, undo, then pasting the duplicate with no foliage, I think I’ll just add a function that does this in one click in my editor utility widget