Folds on object

Does it effects on Framerate per second if i add a lot of folds on one object like making a ball or a pipe?

Increasing polygon count will affect the framerate

How does it affects, a lot or a bit,?

Geometry is pretty cheap these days. There’s a few games with 40,000-80,000 tri characters, million tri cars, scenes in the tens of millions. If you are using something very geometrical dense, try to avoid having tons of triangles smaller than a pixel on screen and use LODs.

It depends on the polygon count, it will affect it in some way but performance questions always rely on many different variables.

In general, be smart with the assets you create, keep the polygon count as low as you feel comfortable with. If you know what you’re doing then you know techniques to get the look that you want by using things like normal maps.

hmm.Thanks! but do you have a guide from so i can read more detailed?

thats it! Thank you

Does it decrease my fps a lot ? (i know you are getting mad :confused: ) If not i’ll relax …Otherwise i don’t know how i can decrease vertices anymore.

That won’t have any noticable impact on performance. You could reduce the number of polygons on the top of the mesh by collapsing ever other edge, or using a subdivided cube turned into a sphere instead of the classic sphere primitive. But that kind of optimization is unnecessary at this point.

Hey! Is this ok or too much vertices :confused: ? this is same to my top.

That’s fine, shouldn’t cause any performance issues unless you have something like 50 characters on screen.

İ guess it won’t make any issues if I do 6w6 fight, right?