I have a 250gb c drive I have plenty of space on my D drive, I was wondering could I put my project folder, vault cache and engine cache on D from the launcher? Atm I tried to package my game and got a ton of errors, I was hoping maybe in the future that this could be a thing also I was wondering if I could put the engine on D as well that way I’m not running out of space on c and c only has windows on it. I had move some of the default windows folders, docs pics ect, and now I have to reinstall windows. =/ I have plenty of space on d though and it’d be great if windows set it up that way by default anyway. I see a ton of post from ppl going through the same issues I’m having with a tiny c drive too, it seems this is just the way they’re making computers now, tiny c drive and lots of storage. So I wanted to ask yall if maybe in the future there was a better solution to this problem, because on fb groups I see alot of ppl saying their projects don’t package either, besides myself.