Folder Rename Issue


I recently created a C++ project based off the First Person Template, I then went into the Content Browser and renamed the “FirstPerson” and the “FirstPersonCPP” folder to something else, after that I changed the locations in the appropriate classes to go towards the renamed directories. I restart my project and I get an error with this text:

"Default Property warnings and errors:
Error CDO Constructor (GameGameMode): Failed to find

Error: CDO Constructor (GameGameHUD): Failed to find

It’s clear it is trying to obtain this objects from the original directories, is there like a default directory variable I haven’t changed?

Basically I’m trying to ask how to I forward these to the new directories so this error stops appearing.


P.S I’m new to Unreal Engine so please excuse if I have made a rookie mistake.

Hey, it’s been four years so I’m sure you know this by now, but you need to make sure to rename the references to the old texture in the file itself.

Just fix strings containing FirstPersonCPP in your FirstPersonCrosshair.cpp file to whatever the new folder name is.