Folder Hierachy

this suggestion is about the way blueprints and materials and such request linked assets. i am going to take a basic grass material as an example here.

so normally the engine search for the file through a path:
C:/Users/[username]/Documents/Unreal Projects/ExampleProject/Content/AssetsPack_01/Textures/T_GrassGreen
and the material:
C:/Users/[username]/Documents/Unreal Projects/ExampleProject/Content/AssetsPack_01/Materials/M_GrassGreen

and when the material looks for the file it searches through this path.
but when a folder is added between Content folder and AssetsPack_01 when for example the content has been copied from another project. the referention path to the asset is broken and doesnt work anymore. none do from that pack.

so what the engine instead will do is search for the file 2 folders back (to AssetsPack_01) and from there the path starts (AssetsPack_01/Textures/T_GrassGreen) because that folder will have the same hierachy and the hierachy of the project you copied from doesnt have to be the EXACT same as your current one. it would also make it easier to use junctions between projects easier (have content folder of project redirect to a project with all possible content in it instead of having 10 copies of the same BIG folder)

if this wouldn’t be able to work in the final game you can create the final needed path at compiling/build/cook or whatever you want to call it.

also it would be useful if in a material the editor cant find the asset (texture) to include the name of the texture it is looking for and the (path) where the editor is looking for the file, this will make troubleshooting MUCH easier

it would be very nice to see these 2 functions in the editor and make the Unreal Engine 4 so much easier to use without all the troubleshooting of these problems. :slight_smile: