Folder/File orgranization


Do you know what good names are for folders, file and directory tree for a video game project ?

I found the default folder kind bad, it’s not very friendly-user.

For now I’ve removed the following folders that I found useless: “ThirdPerson” and “Geometry”

Renaming "ThirdPersonBP to “ThirdPerson”

Renaming “Mannequin” to “Player”

Moved “Player” into “ThirdPerson”

Else I don’t really like the “ThirdPerson” name, it does not make sense this sentence is just a camera configuration, so how should I name it knowing it contain “blueprint”, “maps” and “player”.

Hi - The best place to post this is the forums, that would be a great place to start a discussion like this. In contrast, Answerhub is when you need an answer to a specific problem. The thing with folder names and structures is there are as many ways of doing it as there colors in the world, it’s really a personal taste thing… :slight_smile: