Folder and or asset locking, quick way to making modding EASY! PLEASE CONSIDER THIS!

So it seems that Modding has been on the radar for a long time and no easy way to do it atm.

However I think it would be an easy way to do this if we could password LOCK files and folders from EDITING but allow spawning / moving them and the ability to disable EXPORT of the locked files would make modding so much easier.

then we could just give the entire LOCKED down projects with limited editing capabilities and not have to rely on a bunch of tricks to make compiling the game free impossible.

This will not only save time in development but make EVERY game MODDABLE 1 2 3 EZ button :smiley:

this could be setup pretty easy tbh, and with password protections in place users that pay extra could have passwords for VIP folders etc that have even more unlocked assets etc.


That would be excellent to protect your information, I agree with you and unfortunately I need that at this moment.

There’s already functionality for this by encrypting the pak or uasset files: Packaging Projects | Unreal Engine Documentation

When distributed in a shipped product, .Pak files can be signed or encrypted, usually to hinder data extraction or tampering.