Fold an entire level

Hey fellas,

I’m quite new to Unreal but absolutely blown away by the possibilities and the potential uses. I come from Motion Design & VFX in Film, so worked majorly in Cinema, Maya, Nuke and AfterFX.

Right now I’m working on a shortfilm just trying to discover the possibilities in Unreal.
For this I have created a level with a landscape and have animated everything within that to my liking. But now comes the tricky bit.

I would like to have this entire level fold, sort of like in this scene from Inception:

Not even this extrem but I would like to have it flexible like a piece of paper that I want to composite it onto.
My first guess was creating the FFD-deformer-rig in Cinema4D to send it over to Unreal but I noticed right away that all kinds of deformers are just being baked into a static mesh once you import them into Unreal.

The closest thing I could find to a solution on the Marketplace was Spline Mesh Solutions:

But even this seems to work on a single Object scale and not able to deform an entire level with everything in it.

Does anyone have an Idea how I could archive an effect like this in Unreal?