Foilage Spawner question


I my scene I have a FogPlane which is a mesh-plane without any collision, but as soon I run Simulate my FoilageSpawner my foilage gets raised up.
Is this normal? I’m running 4.8.3. Thanks. Also my Foilage gets put on top of one of my Meshes. I’m not sure why this happening.

Which foliage tool do you use? -> foliage tool, procedural foliage spawner, landscape grass node? :slight_smile:


I’m using the FoilageSpawner it only appears when I add my Fog plane… Its just a Mesh_plane from with a Fog material applied., But as
soon as I HIT simulation on the Spawner my foilage floats from my landscape :frowning: Any ideas? Plane has no Collision. My other mesh which was
causing problems with foilage. I fixed using VolumeBlockerSpawnerFoilage.


Does your fog have a collider on it?