Foilage paint tool not showing on static meshes

Using the latest ue4 version, foilage brush circle isn’t showing on the static meshes so I can’t paint on them. I am not sure if this is a bug but the fill tool works just fine.
Also is there a performance cost difference between the grass tool and using the foilage tool? I understand collision is not possible with the grass tool. Is grass tool better for performance?

Hey, don’t have my UE4 tools about at the moment so can’t remember where it is exactly, but there is an option for where you want the foliage tool to paint so there’s a landscape tick box and there’s also a mesh tick box (think it’s called BSP?), think its in the foliage paint panel or in details somewhere… Pretty sure there’s no performance difference between the foliage and grass tools other than due to the meshes you use, think they both just convert the assets into HISMs…

Hi Mach45, thanks for the reply, Static mesh is enabled in the foilage tool settings. The fill tool works but the brush doesn;t show when I want to paint.
Thanks for the clarrification about the grass tool and foilage tool, also ue4 seems to be crashing because of the foliage, I have a lot of foliage with about 95k covering a static mesh with lods. Don’t know why that is happening.

Thanks for the help.

Try changing the mesh as static in the details panel and try foliage painting.

I currently have the same problem ,
I am trying to use the fooliage tool on my project but apparently the tool is not recognizing the static mesh I created , I checked the filter tent box on top
and I also check the collision sistem in the meshes even if I am not sure about that since I am using the “complex collision as simple” option .
does anybody have any idea ?