Foilage Grass Help

I’ll get straight to it, I’m trying to figure out how to be able to paint Grass Foliage to a Level without it sticking to Steep enough slopes. As of now I have a Triplanar Material that transitions from grass to Stone, which is working fine but the Grass Foliage I wanted on the Grass texture is still on the Stone. So I was wondering how I could make it only where the grass is.

This is what I want, for the Hill on top (Which has a Grass texture) to have Grass Foliage on is, then when its steep it goes to stone, then will go back into grass. But this is what I get instead

You see the Foliage is on the stone, and looks Quite odd. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Also here are some screencaps you may need (I dunnu)

Just select your Grass in foliage tab and scroll down you will find something called min angle just tweak it you will get what you need.