foilage for free in v4.14

Im having some trouble using trees gras and flowers and it hapens in 2 diffrent packeges ,i dont have more than that content ,it was free but i think its not comptible with the new versions cause i get no textures on my foilage as soon as i click it ,it turns grey …tried adding it thru the editor but to no avail. So my question are there any “new” nice free foilage packeges around here ?

Take a look at the demo world collection of Epic Games (its part of their learning resources), Kite Demo is another keyword

i have that should i just drop the whole content folder in my project than ?

well i tried opening that ,and it ask if i want to open a copy (v4.14?),i clicked yes but after a while i get some error messages and it wont open :frowning:

edit: i looked up my proj map and there is a v4.14 kitedemo map but its missing like 2gb …

How do i install 4.13 again to try the kite demo again ?

edit: in library omg i forgot

You might want to reduce the 8x8 images from the KiteDemo before you load it in the browser. Those increase load times a lot, and really no difference when you reduce to 4k or even 2k texture resolution.

ok ,another plan there .But does the kite demo only work in 4.13 cause i got so much errors trying to make a copy for 4.14 :frowning: