Fog volume


I’m looking for a way to display local fog in my level. If could be useful for smoke grenade, fire smokes, or even to hide some parts of a level. (without particles)
The Cryengine enables this:
There is also a workarround to get this in Unity:

I’ve seen some topics where they ask for this feature.
Still, I can’t find this on the UE4 Trello.

Anyone knows why it is not planned yet ?

+1 really need especially to have multiple fogs at once which the current fog system doesnt support and also blending between them, and more customizability / options, its just our current fog system seems pretty limited I believe this was a high voted feature on the trello as well
There is a weather marketplace project that has fog but its just a material that follows the player and it doesnt look as good

Hey, after reading that you were looking for fog volumes I have decided to implement them myself in the editor using blueprints and the material editor. However, I am also using a custom function inside a USF file which you must include in materialtemplate.usf for my implementation to work. There are a couple of things I still need to do before they are finished though, such as making the blueprint system and changing from using linear depth to using distance from camera to world position to allow for perfect smooth fog and not fog which changes based on viewing angles.

Wow, great !
Well, I’m not sure about the overlapping part, it feels weird somehow.

But I would be very interested in your work, how does it woks ?
I guess you’re not using ray-tracing.

No raytracing, and well the overlap is simply because of UE4’s translucency sorting, which I’m probably not able to fix but you probably wouldn’t want multiple intersecting volumes like I have, at least not set up like these two. I just fixed an artifact which appeared when entering the volume by making the mesh a tiny bit bigger than the fog volume itself to prevent the mesh clipping from clipping the fog.

Next thing is to implement a box shaped fog so there’s two to pick from.

Can you implement a density function based on a 3D texture ?
This would definitely be great

Probably but I will need to make a new mesh with slices in to support that.

any chance to share your setting ?

I had a procedural mesh component that generated slices for fog volumes.

Also have a raytraced fog volume too.

They both are able to read cloud textures generated from maya fluids or could just read a procedural spherical function.


+1 for this! Would love to see more advanced fog options for sure!

Just to let everyone know this feature has been entered for a while with UE-2254, but that is in the backlog at the moment. There is no ETA for when this will actually start to be worked on though.

If anyone does implement this to Epic’s code standards please feel free to submit a pull-request on GitHub for review to be implemented in the engine. :slight_smile:

I too would really like to see UDK-style fog volumes in UE4, so here’s my vote.

+1 here for VF :slight_smile:

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    UDK FOG VOLUME please !

Vote on this here: UE-2254

^The Issue exists since 2014 and was backlogged most of the time and is backlogged since a few months again.
There were many requests regarding fog Actors etc. but we never saw anything :frowning:

Cool, I just did ^^