Fog Sheet questions

I have just started using Unreal for previs purposes and Im trying to figure out the fog sheet blueprint process. As a newbee what Ive read so far sort of indicates that there’s a ready made blue print for fog sheets, but I cant find it at all. I also saw someone mention a BP GodRay that was part of the contents. But I dont have that either. I know how to make a volumetric fog element but I want fog cards or sheets. The documentation on Fog Sheets and Lightbeams dont really help me just yet so if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it:)
Im using the latest 4.23 version of Unreal.

I haven’t really used the sheets themselves , but I have a few. I think I got them from the learning tab.It is in some of the projects.

BP_GodRay in in the content examples project on the learn page of the launcher, pretty sure you can also find fog there too. the fog sheets that tutorials are talking about might be in the engine content, you have to use the little eye icon in the content browser and tick show engine content. just google “UE4 show engine content” if you cant find it.

I have the FOG sheets.
And I am sure I grabbed them from the Infiltrator demo. Be warned Its a big download and will take time to compile

How and what for are the fog sheets used? Everytime I put them out they just look weird , I can figure on how to place them for them to be useable.