Fog of War pure Blueprint

Hi i am triying to finish my project, is an implementation of FOW the style of MOBA games, this is not like RTS where the unhidden remains a time selected and the light adjust to the enviroment, something thats take a lot of computing power, then the only correct implementations i see are made in C++, i ever see others implementations triying with EQS, seems to be correct but had to implement EQS on your project and still heavy for processors, then i try to make some in the middle, using the main ideas of the C++ implementations but on pure blueprint, no C++ code involved making something faster than EQS and avoiding the need of ading anything else.
Pure blueprint system
Dynamic fog of war can be set for a specific area, you control widht, height, and large, also control color of the fog
Specific designed for Topdown template, tested on 4.20, 4.21, 2.22, 4.23
Mini map MOBA topdown style, you see the complete map, you can take capture of the actual map and use it all the implementation, no need render target to be runing, also click and run on the map, you can click on any part of the map and you character will walks to that place
Partial implementation on Multiplayer, this means you can use on a plain topdown template with multiplayer and you will see others characters when crossing you light, but this not have yet the team multiplayer part you must impelment it
Very low demand on process, i run without any problem 4 chars but you cand make some adjust like downgrade the quality of the blur or not use blur at all or maybe a better solution is to use any of the multitask for blue print and give this way more power for use with more chars at the same time
Seaprater POI component, allow you to give a poi to any char or maybe an AI character or could be an NPC, every character with the POI component coul have its own icon

Then here are the videos showing what i have done, first video instruction on how to make topdown multiplayer able to move

The second video shows how to implement my product, i am almost ready to develop just wants some guidance because i am very noob on this

Thanks and regards