I am having a problem that after my sequence is over and my gameplay starts i want my exponential fog to change its value. I have no idea how to deal with it .
Any help is Appreciated.

You can do it from blueprint:

thanks for help its great but when gameplay starts the fog remains same which i do not want ( can u help me on the following) :
I want to play another sequence after first is played but after the 1st sequence gets over it directly starts gameplay(thanks for the help its great).

i am controlling everything from level blueprint along with fog . sequence blueprint is already in above conversation and for fog here you go.

The sequence node will trigger both outputs almost simultaneously, it doesn’t wait for the sequence. You need to do that with a delay.

The fog nodes look fine :slight_smile:

Can I see your fog BP? Are you controlling the sequence from the level BP, can I see that?

thanks for staying with me till this late it means a lot to me but does answer hub gets closed at times because i have made like 5-10 complaints but there are no responses.

No worries. It is making some sense yet?

i have been trying to destroy the fog component after the sequence but does not help.
And speaking about the sequence should i use a sequence node or connect it directly to the play sequence node

You have to realize that a better name for the play node ( for the sequence would be ) ‘start to play’. You see, when you call that play node, the system doesn’t wait, it just starts the sequence and then goes straight into ‘set fog density’ and then immediately into destroy. It’s all instantaneous.

You might have more joy getting rid of the fog actor is you drag a line off it and look for destroy actor.

Also, check you don’t have more than one fog actor.

ok i think i should eliminate atmospheric one because i am using exponential one

i have an exponential fog and atmospheric fog which one should i eliminate

The one that’s causing the problem :slight_smile:

Just turn them off in the editor and see which one you want to kill

Ok so if anyone comes across this problem (the fog problem) the simple solution is just adding a delay of the duration of your sequence and after the duration all will be set to normal (according to your settings).