Focusing on different widgets instantiated in a scrollbox, is this possible?

Currently I am working on an UI that requires me to have a list of craftable items dynamically generated.

Im pulling my hair my out, I feel like I should be able to switch focus on a gamepad from button to button on a set of instantiated widgets(the widget contains art, icons and a button all parented to a canvas container) all contained within a scrollbox.

scrollbox( widget(canvas(stuff)) - widget(canvas(stuff)) - widget(canvas(stuff))) Like so.

Is this just not possible with different canvas containers? Can I not shift button focus between them?

It would clean up my code, and simplify the blueprint immensely if I could use the widget modules I dynamically create per item. Or am I forced to create each individual part of the module in BP and dynamically assign that to one canvas container in the scrollbox?

One hacky method Iv thought about is to handle the switch via PreviewKeyDown to catch the key down event before its processed. But Id like to avoid this.

Update: Taking away the scrollbox, and nesting everything inside of a vertical box widget instead works, leading me to believe this is a issue with how focus is assigned inside of a scrollbox. I forgot to mention that after I dynamically create my layout, I assign focus to the first button and Im relying on ue4 to navigate using the gamepad. Obviously, all problems go away if you only use a mouse.