Focus steals on editor opening

These small bugs/features annoy me for years.
When you open editor, and immediately proceed to other window, the editor will repeatedly steal window focus, maximize itself, require cursor movements and do other rude things to interrupt your workflow.

For example:

  • Launch UE4 Editor from IDE
  • Alt+tab to browser and read memes
  • Editor splash opens, stealing your focus. You can alt+tab from here
  • Live coding opens, stealing your focus. This is even more annoying because live coding window design is pure madness. You have to get off one of your hands of keyboard, reach to mouse, aim for the minimize button at top right corner of this window, and push the left mouse button. This gives me nightmares at night. Why can’t I just minimize it with some more conventional way?
  • IDE sends notification to window and it starts blinking (due to smart Windows UX design, taskbar now covers part of your screen until you remove notification)
  • Finally, editor suddenly opens and maximizes again. You almost finished writing important post on this forum, but last two characters were eaten by editor
  • Editor is not fully loaded yet. You switch to code again for some seconds

I think it would be a lot more efficient, if editor opened only once, when it fully loaded.