Focus selected distance

While using the editor, I’m pretty sure that I pressed a hot key that cause some strange behavior when double clicking or “focus selected.”

For every object within the specific folder, when I double click or “focus selected” it takes me out beyond the sky sphere. I can “snap view to actor” and look at the object but every time I double click it takes me way out.

Also, this didn’t happen before and I’ve tried placing a new object of the same type and it behaves correctly. It just seems to be the objects in a specific folder. Any idea how I may have caused this?

This is happening to me too. Further information: the level blueprint is calling another blueprint that procedurally creates CustomMeshTriangles. The CustomMeshTriangles and a TArray static function are the only components of this object.

EDIT: Found this seemingly applicable answer
Off to investigate…

Hi ,

Have you had a chance to look at the link Katonamus posted? If so did it work for you? Please let us know if this is still problematic for you. Thank you!

Hi ,

I don’t think I’m experiencing the same issue. It doesn’t seem to be including the origin in the “framing” of the object.

It’s strange but now that I’m trying it. All the objects that were having the issue are having the same “focus from” point (i.e. if I double click or press “f” the camera teleports to the same or close to the same place pointed in the direction of the object). Previously, the “focus from” point was 1km+ distance away from the object, but now it’s from within the level (although still pretty far from what I’m trying to focus on).

This seems to be happening with only certain objects (i.e. some objects get framed properly while others seem to -now- be focusing from one or two different points). The one of the points is from within an object placed in the level while the other point is way out (beyond the skysphere).

Have you been able to reproduce this in a blank project with no additional content? Which objects are you experiencing this with and what steps are you taking to produce this effect?

I was actually fiddling around with navigation and then all the objects within a folder started doing it.

I will try with an empty project and try to get you some steps to reproduce. Thanks for looking into this.

I can’t seem to reproduce it in an empty map.

But I am able to confirm now that one of the “focus from” points is 0,0,0. I will add more information as I come across it.

Hi ,

We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this question as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this problem, please let us know so we can continue to diagnose this. Thank you!

No problem. In order to continue our development, I’ve just been using workarounds. I have not been able to reproduce it outside of our working map.

I will add information if I find anything. Thanks for your help!