Focus on center of large scale objects

In our game we have few objects that have components that are very large in scale so pressing F on any of these objects will send you so far back that you would need to scroll so many times to get to the center of the object. This is hindering level design work so much.

Basically is there a way to tell the editor when Pressing F to focus on an object center instead of trying to visualize every component of that Blueprint? Or at least tell it which component inside the blueprint to use as focus?

Thank you for you answer!

Bascially no, but there is an alternative - bookmarks :slight_smile:

Postition yourself where you want to be to inspect on of these large objects and then press CTRL-1.

Next time you want to come back to this exact view just press 1.

It also works for all other single digits. Note, the bookmarks get saved with the level.

That’s a nice workaround! Thank you!