Focus mouse on widget/hud.

It works basicly like i want, except when i open my Settings Menu, i can’t close it.
When i remove “Set input Mode UI Only” i can open and close the menu problem is that when i remove the node i need to click on the widget first to be able to use the slider in my widget. Basicly i need to focus on the widget (“Set input mode UI Only”) does it for me but when i do use it i can’t close/hide the widget.

Found the problem -_- 6 DAYS !!! omg


Try using this node mate.

Fixes my problem and it focus on the widget after “Set Vsibility” to visible it focuses and work like wanted, but after clicking “ESC” once more the widget doesn’t hide and i… have no idea how to stop focusing the widget.

Since you used Set Input mode UI Only, try reversing it using “Set input Mode Game Only” on pressing Esc key

Edit: I’m failry new, it might not matter, but it might be you have to first set the input to game and after that set visibility.

For the visibility issue, it might be Collapsed instead of hidden. But not sure on that part.

Hidden-Visible (without input mode UI) works fine except this “widget click” to focus. I will try

Changed the description and title. But the goal is the same

Bump, used “set input mode game and UI” still doesn’t work. I used that in begin play as the first Node same as in the widget on construct even.
When starting the game and adding the widget to viewport but still not clicking on the widget… when i hover on the buttons they light up and i can press it. Now after pressing the button i hover over to the “game” my problem is then it’s focused on the widget so i need to press RMB on the game window to focus the mouse on it and make it able to rotate the camera on RMB.

People tell me to visit Forums and Answerhub… but since 4-6 days i’m working on this and just nothing works…
Some people say “i’m lazy” hehe i never meet a person that spend 6 days on watching tutorials how to do it and still not getting it done and i still didn’t gave up but the “motivation” is at the lowest point.