Focus issue


When I have open a the Blueprint Editor and want to add a new node, the new popup window has no keyboard focus. I have to click into the text field to do the context search. Is that a new feature?
It worked on 4.10 and before. In 4.11 it seems not to work anymore. I have to click always manually which starts bothering after a while.

Hi Yaakuro,

What OS are you currently using? Are you on a or Mac?

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and using the head of branch 4.11

Hey Yaakuro-

This is a known issue (UE-29024) that is currently open for investigation.


Is this a cross-platform issue or only on GNU/Linux platform?

So far this has been seen on Linux and Mac. Windows does not seem to have the same behavior, however.

Sorry to wake up a dead thread, but I’m on Windows and experiencing the same issue in 4.12. It’s not just Linux and Mac in 4.12.

Hey Terminator810-

Can you elaborate on exactly what the behavior is that you’re seeing? When I create a blueprint and right click to open the “All Actions” window, the text field has focus and I can start typing immediately. Please provide as much information as possible to help investigate.