Foam Game Looking to build a team

Hello I am Nick Chadwick

I am Starting The project Foam Game
This is a solo show at the moment and I am far from a good artist.
Anyone willing to help with this ambitious project would be greatly appreciated.
I am in dire need of artists!
And I am well aware that it is nothing to be rushed!

What Is Foam Game?
It is a video game that is comprised out of several 3D games and designed in foam appearance. Based in a city made of foam where you will have your own personal area to call your home. In fact you will have five of these personal areas or “Properties”. The cities are going to be a hub to most of the game content including several areas where various foam versions of different games(such as MOBA, first person shooter, racing, sports and more). The Cities will have areas for crafting items for your character, creating purchasing and editing your vehicles, characters, crafts, houses furniture and more. A walk thru maze that changes every so often.
And not to forget that out side the city there is still a whole foam world and your city is not the only city. There will also be a sport arenas to play “Classic Sport” Games like baseball football and so on. The Content will be voted on by the community decided into two groups mature and age appropriate content. To put it lightly Foam game is an epic game intended for all ages and genders set in a foam world.

Content is going to be generated by Foam Game and its community. The community is going to be able to submit content for use in the game in the form of art, music, 3D meshes, characters levels mini games and more. The content will be voted on in contests held at regular intervals by the users of the game to be added into the game. The winners of the contests will win prizes. Foam Game will provide this same content in a separate vote. As well as base content such as color palette

What do you mean FOAM?
Styrofoam, pad foam, polystyrene, liquid foam, fun noodles, all that you can imagine when it comes to foam and plastic looking things in some areas. Meshes structures and characters all made of all types of foam appearance.

Why foam you ask?
Well foam structures are less complex and are much easier to process for your graphics card while taking up less space making potential for an extremely expansive game that is processed at a faster pace.

Does Foam Game Have A prototype?
Not yet, the size of the project makes it difficult to produce a prototype as a solo developer. I do plan on expanding, however, the budget is limited for now

I am taking the proper business formation procedures to gain funding

You really should join forces with this guy:

He also dreams of combining many games into one large game. And the immense work will be nearly the same, no matter what graphic style you choose.
You better start developing ONE of those many games, like the racing and proceed from there.

Thank you So much for the Quick feedback
I am in process of developing a MOBA Style game, and I just started the build process and i have some bluprint issues to deal with for scoring however, It is in the process along with the early city and personal area of the game. Once again thank you for your feedback

I am very excited about the feedback that I am receiving from this post. Thank you Unreal community.

Also people have been asking me for more information on this project.
First I decided to create this game because of how heartbroken my daughter was when I took her to buy a video game and the majority of the games are intended for males. Trust me if you really pay attention to boy/girl items for children the variety differences are upsetting. But without trying to start a gender debate this compelled me to create a gender neutral game.

Foam does not really signify a gender or race so it makes a good base for a neutral game.
The problem is that there isn’t any meshes or textures for a foam appearance so it all needs to be created from scratch.

I have a lot of concept and concept art, but I am a terrible artist so it doesn’t look good enough to use to help me sell the idea when i am trying to pitch the idea to investors for funding

Same problem with the logo it looks like junk because I am a terrible artist (I even know my way around GIMP and Photoshop)

I have accepted that A. I am NOT artistic and B. Art can’t be rushed.

So if I could get some help from an artist it would go a long way

Once again thank you Unreal community