Fnetwork & Project Version

I have found the following C++ code and I am curious how to use it in a blueprint only project?

The link to the documentation is here: FNetworkVersion | Unreal Engine Documentation

The code in question I am looking for is the “Project Version” which states “Used to allow BP only projects to override network versions”.

Ultimately I’m looking for help on how to bind the “LocalNetworkVersionOverride” delegate to I believe a game instance. This will allow me to have a manual version check and create a blueprint node for it. Especially what makes this slightly different is that I have to bind the delegate from FNetworkVersion? Or do I create a new class + instance class with #include NetworkVersion in the .h?

I am running a 4.15 source built blueprint project.

I’ve been working through tutorials like this to try and work out but I am still confused since I do not know if I start with the source file NetworkVersion or just a brand new C++ class.