FNaF camera system


I am in the process of making a Five Nights at Freddy’s style game and would like to know how to implement a camera system like the ones in the games. I have all the models in place, but would like to know how to click on a box in the level (since you are bound to one place and cannot move) which opens up a camera feed where you can click certain points on the feed to switch to different cameras to monitor the establishment (this may sound confusing to anyone who doesn’t know and I apologise).

I’m sorry I am asking a lot of questions too

Thanks for the help!

Do you want the player to click on an object in the environment or on the HUD to enable the camera feed? If its an object in the environment, you would want to use a Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel blueprint node. Then you could just check if the object hit is your camera feed button/object. However if you want to enable the camera feed through the HUD, I would just use UMG. There is some really good documentation on UMG and tutorials on how to use it. I would also use UMG for the camera feed. You can easily set up some buttons that the player can click to switch to that specific camera.